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Tailoring a nonprofit organization’s strategic roadmap to realize its philanthropic vision.

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Strategic Planning Roadmap

Almora Advisors specializes in tailoring a detailed strategic plan to our client’s specific needs. We partner with clients to develop an actionable plan that they feel is distinctive to their organization and which they are committed to implementing. Once a client begins implementation, we ensure that their team is on track through a rigorous monitoring process. We want clients to succeed, so we work with them to meet deadlines. We anticipate change, so we help during mid-course adjustments.


Program Design

In the context of a nonprofit, the organizational structure is built around its programs. These programs are an integral part of the organization’s strategic planning which includes review of the organization’s vision, mission, values, and goals. Goals associated with services to its beneficiaries often become programs and strategies to reach those goals often become methods of delivering services in the programs. Because programs must be tied closely to the nature of the organization’s mission and its goals, the program planning process should also be closely aligned to the organization’s strategic planning process. 

We collaborate with clients to design program frameworks with strategic goals by systematically evaluating the inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes with continuous upgrades considering the need of the time. We assess and strengthen existing programs by incorporating best practices, designing new models as needed. To ensure impact and sustainability, our program design services include a marketing and communications plan, a budget proposal, monitoring, and evaluation.



Per 2020 fundraising trend, philanthropic giving continues to grow. Overall giving grew 4.1% over the past year, the 6th consecutive year of growth. Overall giving grew by 12.1% over the past year. 45% of worldwide donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program. Missions related to international affairs experienced a 19.2% increase in overall donations over the past year. 31% of offline – only first time donors are retained for over a year, versus 25 % of online – only first time donors. It is more important than ever that nonprofits prepare to adapt their strategies to shifting demographic preferences.

In the context of of a generational transfer of wealth, personal philanthropic donors and corporate investors are becoming ever more sophisticated, hands-on, and impact-oriented in their giving. We collaborate with our nonprofit clients to help them assess their existing fundraising strategies and create innovative programs to support annual fund, endowment, and capital campaigns, through peer-to-peer fundraising and multi-year, phased approaches. We develop detailed donor engagement, cultivation, and retention strategies and evaluate organizational readiness and capabilities for fundraising campaigns.


Capacity Building & Leadership

Successful capacity building strengthens a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission, thereby enhancing the nonprofit’s ability to have a positive impact on its beneficiaries. Per a 2016 study by American University and North Carolina State University, organizations that receive any type of capacity building grant grew their budgets by about 10% in the three years following their grant, indicating that capacity building support is positively associated with nonprofit financial growth.

We provide the framework necessary for a culture of continuous improvement. We also support organizational leaders in succession planning to promote sustainability and continuity. In addition, we help in evaluating organizational professional development and wellness programs to enhance productivity and boost morale.


Marketing & Communications

Visual storytelling is the fastest way to forge an emotional connection. According to Guidestar, our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and content that contains visuals drives up to 180% more engagement than plain text. John Medina, the author of “Brain Rules” says, when we add an image to information, we remember 55% more of it. 

We collaborate with clients to develop a brand strategy that enhances brand integrity and affinity. Together, we review and assess marketing skills and programs to see how we can enhance what is working and create new opportunities where there are gaps. We help organizations develop brand recognition and strengthen reputation among new and existing target audiences. This process grows organizational affinity and generates funding opportunities with identified target segments. We achieve our marketing outcomes by promoting the organization’s cause through visual stories, creating an emotional connection to a nonprofit’s mission. 

We are always looking at the next approach to help create and grow sustainable organizations. At Almora, we do not fit you into a cookie-cutter approach. You will have strategies and solutions developed for you with best practices tailored to your needs. Our emphasis is on how to create resilience around fundraising during these extraordinary and challenging times, and sustain a nimble, dynamic approach to the environmental challenge we all face. We want our clients to thrive not just survive.


“Almora Advisors worked with HomeWorks to develop our strategic plan in the winter of 2020-21. Almora advisors were wonderful from the very first meeting. Most importantly, we felt that each member of their team listened to us– the ED, staff and the Board members of HomeWorks– and as a result we felt that Almora truly understood and appreciated our organization and its mission. They asked us probing questions to dig into our mission, theory of change. goals, processes, budgets, and more. The strategic planning process they designed was very clear and streamlined, so it was never burdensome to our team. In turn, the final Strategic Plan really reflected who we are as an organization, and the plan has given us clear guidance on how to get to where we want to go. The plan has helped us to clarify our goals and keep us focused on what is most important. As importantly, Almora has provided definitive steps and accountability measures in order to keep us progressing and evaluating our progress. I have been involved with strategic planning before with other organizations, and this was the most efficient and effective process I have experienced. Each member of the Almora team brought her expertise to the planning, and we felt that they not only became advisors to us, but also friends and mentors.”

Kris Shulte
Board Chair, HomeWorks Trenton

From Our Founder

Working with Almora

The events of 2020 have shown that dynamic and informed organizational management is crucial. 

However, when faced with these challenges, nonprofits often lack effective professional advisory support. Similarly, at many for-profit corporations, achieving meaningful philanthropic impact represents uncharted territory.