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A Homeworks logo


Strategic Plan
HomeWorks Trenton is a nonprofit organization that provides an after-school residential program for marginalized high school girls. This program is free of charge and consists of academic and social-emotional enrichment activities aimed at building community leaders. Almora Advisors facilitated HomeWork’s strategic planning process for 2021-2026, helping to craft an approach to planning, reaffirm the organization’s mission and vision, and determine key strategic questions and areas for priority initiatives.

Chrisina Seix Academy color logo

Christina Seix Academy

Development Plan
Christina Seix Academy is a year-round, extended day Pre-K through 8th-grade school in Ewing, New Jersey that provides extraordinary young children with a strong education, critical core values, and a safe environment. Every student of the academy is awarded a yearly scholarship to cover tuition, books, school uniforms, meals, and door-to-door transportation. Christina Seix Academy is collaborating with Almora Advisors to strategize for, execute, and monitor fundraising activities that align with the school’s strategic priorities.

Princeton Nursery School logo

Princeton Nursery School

Development Plan, Leadership Transition
Princeton Nursery School (PNS) is a preschool for children ages 2.5-5, located in Princeton, New Jersey. PNS strives to provide quality education and child care for families in need by offering students a diverse environment and a wide array of support services, such as nutritious meals, personal hygiene bags, school supplies, and scholarships. Almora Advisors has served as a trusted partner to PNS, helping to create a development plan for the school, as well as assisting with a transition in leadership.

Westminster College Honors College logo

Westminster Honors College

Westminster’s Honors College provides academically and intellectually prepared students with a rigorous curriculum of interdisciplinary study in team-taught seminars focused on student conversation. The Honors College Advisory Board supports the college’s initiatives through advocacy and donor cultivation. Almora Advisors facilitated a two-hour workshop for the Advisory Board; the interactive session covered fundraising theory and practice, common development fears, and how to leverage social media for the school’s giving day.

Share My Meals logo

Share My Meals

Strategic Plan
Share My Meals is a nonprofit based in Princeton, New Jersey that recovers and distributes healthy meals in local communities, simultaneously fighting food insecurity and the environmental impact of food waste. Almora Advisors worked with Share My Meals to set a clear direction for the organization, helping to craft a dynamic strategic plan tailored to its vision and needs.

Princeton Academy color logo

Princeton Academy

Grant Procurement
Princeton Academy is a private school that is dedicated to developing young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. Almora Advisors has supported Princeton Academy in this mission by providing guidance and support throughout the school’s grant procurement process.

National Domestic Violence Hotline color logo

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Board Training
The National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH) strives to help survivors of domestic violence live their lives free of abuse by providing essential tools and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. To support NDVH in this crucial endeavor, Almora Advisors helped to strengthen the organization’s board of directors through training and the creation of an extensive toolkit.

David Rockefeller Fund logo

David Rockefeller Fund

The David Rockefeller Fund is a family foundation that invests in catalytic ideas, people, efforts, and institutions working toward ecological regeneration, justice system transformation, and art for social impact. While hiring for a program associate, Almora Advisors stepped in and filled several functions, including writing the annual report, editing dockets, and assisting the staff with board meetings.

C-Change Conversations logo

The Watershed Institute

Digital Strategy
The Watershed Institute is a nonprofit that works to protect and restore water and the natural environment in central New Jersey, using conservation, advocacy, science, and education. To help increase the effectiveness of these important efforts, Almora Advisors provided the Watershed Institute with methods for virtual fundraising and organizational assessments.

Shared Humanity USA logo

Shared Humanity USA

Fundraising (Event Planning, Campaigns, Grant Procurement)
Shared Humanity USA is a nonprofit that supports refugees seeking safety from war, violence, and oppression by providing urgent and sustained humanitarian aid. Shared Humanity USA strives to help these people live in peace and dignity. Almora Advisors served as a trusted partner for this organization, delivering event planning, fundraising, and grant procurement services.

Pennington African Cemetery logo

Pennington African Cemetery Association Educational Foundation

Strategic Plan
The Pennington African Cemetery is one of the oldest historical landmarks in the New Jersey area, and is the resting place of individuals born before the Civil War up until the Civil Rights era. The Pennington African Cemetery Educational Foundation (PACA-Ed) aims to support educational outreach to the Pennington community and surrounding areas. Its primary goal is to raise awareness, educate and support the legacy of The Pennington African Cemetery today and for future generations. By helping to set a clear organizational direction through strategic planning, Almora Advisors is working to empower PACA-Ed to achieve real and enduring social impact in its community.

Westchester Community Foundation color logo

Westchester Community Foundation

Marketing and Communications Plan
The Westchester Community Foundation (WCF), a public charity and division of The New York Community Trust, works to improve the quality of life for all in Westchester by bringing together individuals, families, foundations, and businesses to support nonprofits that make a difference. Almora Advisors has collaborated with WCF to develop and implement creative marketing strategies that will help lead to the achievement of the organization’s goals.

Help a Diabetic Child logo

Help a Diabetic Child

Grants and Special Events
Help a Diabetic Child strives to ease the financial and emotional burdens of children and young adults living with diabetes, offering ongoing support for continued health and well-being. Almora Advisors has partnered with Help a Diabetic Child to offer services of event planning, event execution, grant prospect research, and grant applications.

Kennedy Children's Center color logo

Kennedy Children’s Center

Development Plan
Kennedy Children’s Center (KCC) serves young children with developmental delays in the New York City public school system. Working with families and communities, KCC provides child-centered and evidence-based education services in the least restrictive environment possible. Almora Advisors is collaborating with KCC to implement long-term strategic development efforts that align with KCC’s mission and strategic priorities, helping to set both challenging, yet realistic goals that we can reach together.

Eleo logo


We are a partner in their consultant community. They are a donor management software that we recommend to clients.
Eleo is an affordable, innovative, easy-to-use software that helps with every aspect of fundraising and donor management. Almora Advisors is recognized as a partner in Eleo’s consultant community.

Donor Perfect color logo

Donor Perfect

Donor Perfect is comprehensive donor management and fundraising software that allows users to manage donors, raise money on and offline, and automate administrative tasks all in one place. Almora Advisors is a trusted partner, collaborating on educational opportunities and identifying nonprofits that would benefit from the software.

The Family Resource Network logo

The Family Resource Network

Strategic Plan
The Family Resource Network (FRN) offers more than 50 programs and services for New Jersey residents living with epilepsy, autism, intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, and chronic illness. Almora Advisors has partnered with FRN to develop a dynamic strategic plan and establish sustainable partnerships and funding that enable FRN to achieve real and enduring social impact in the state of New Jersey.

Disability Rights New Jersey logo

Disability Rights New Jersey

Event planning, Annual Fund, Coaching
Disability Rights New Jersey wields the power of the law to help improve the lives of people with disabilities, with the goal of creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society. Almora Advisors is collaborating with Disability Rights New Jersey to prepare for annual fund efforts, manage events, and further develop the Executive Director and Legal Director’s skill sets, leading to greater organizational success.

SustainChain logo


Grant Procurement
SustainChain is a public service platform purpose-built to unite the efforts of investors, innovators, government and non-profits to rebuild supply chains and make adequate progress toward reaching a sustainable future. Almora Advisors is working with SustainChain to procure grants that lead to sustainable funding and implement a strategic development plan, which will allow SustainChain to achieve true impact in its vision of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Spark! Creative Lab logo

Spark! Creative Lab

Spark! Creative Lab is an artist-led nonprofit based in Oklahoma City, providing living wages to a core company of local artists representing a grand spectrum of backgrounds, abilities, neurodiversities and cultures.

C-Change Conversations logo

C-Change Conversations

Development Plan
C-Change Conversations works to mitigate the climate crisis by educating people about the science and risks of climate change – and framing the issue not as a political matter, but rather as a human one. C-Change Conversations presents to community groups, business organizations, and planning associations around the country, providing a non-partisan, science-based, 360-degree view of the climate crisis. Almora Advisors has collaborated with C-Change Conversations to generate a strong development plan, assisting with the creation of campaigns and fundraising events.