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C-Suite & Leadership Development



An organization is only as good as its leadership. One of the smartest steps an organization can take is to invest in the executive team through training and development. Our leadership model and training program ensures that a company’s executive team is working collaboratively and effectively. 


Charge Forward

Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Almora looks to cascade leaderships’ impact down through the organization. We coach the CEO and the board simultaneously to enhance the effectiveness of an organization’s executive team. Our areas of focus include communication, mentorship, decision-making, and collaboration. We review all C-Suite team skills and working styles in order to find leadership development deficits and leverage existing strengths to create better nonprofit executive teams. Evaluation and coaching lead to healthy and effective nonprofit leadership teams.

We collaborate with clients to develop roadmaps for:

  • Succession planning
  • Executive coaching
  • Employee development
  • Employee training
  • Employee wellness


What We Do

We partner with your leadership  team to engage in a 360 audit of job descriptions, organizational charts, company culture, and work models. We design a new method of interaction, so our approach is detailed and thorough. After working with Almora, your organization will have a new, tailored model of leadership designed to maximize teamwork and strategy. 

Succession Planning

A smooth transition while ensuring continuity of business is critical for the mission

Executive Coaching

An inquiry based approach facilitating personal & professional development and growth

Employee Development

Intentional effort to improve efficiency and effectiveness by encouraging a culture of constant learning

Employee Wellness

Paying close attention to the emotional and personal well being of all employees in the workpalce


Make sure the strategies work



We help translate your unique vision into clear implementation responsibilities for specific outcomes in agreed timeframes with measurable results.


Change happens when it is rigorously monitored and measured. We help define clear responsibilities and timing for actions, with defined outcomes, cost, and milestones.



We help achieve plans by dynamically evaluating them using metrics such as  SMART Goals and Key Performance Indicators.