Harnessing the power of volunteer commitment

Volunteer Management


Volunteers are the backbone of nonprofits across the world. A study by independent sector found that 63 million Americans logged 8 billion hours of volunteer time in 2018, equating to over $200 billion in annual contribution

Volunteer Retention

Keep your volunteers motivated and engaged with your mission

Volunteers represent an increasingly valuable asset for nonprofits, especially in raising awareness, broadening reach, and fostering new funding relationships. Recruiting, recognizing, and retaining volunteers is a critical component of organizational success. A strategic volunteer management plan is going to offer nonprofit organizations in general and  volunteer-driven organizations in particular the benefit of increased organizational engagement, better retention rates, and more referral opportunities. We help organizations develop a roadmap, address volunteer program efficiency, and build a more strategic, positive volunteer experience.


What We Can Do For You

We collaborate with our clients to build their volunteer  strategy through restructuring existing volunteer management programs, customizing new approaches,  and detailing programs for the recruitment, retention, and recognition of high-value volunteers. Our unique approach to conduct competency based assessments and volunteer satisfaction surveys will enhance volunteer buy-in and commitment to our clients. We ensure that the volunteers continue to remain valuable resources for our client and a component that can lead their mission towards fulfilling organizational goals of a greater good

Unique & Comprehensive Program

Design a volunteer recruitment and diversification plan with a robust volunteer retention program strategy.

Maximize Volunteer Engagement

Conduct volunteer need assessment and evaluate existing volunteer engagement programs.

Design Professional Development Approach

Customize competency based volunteer training and design volunteer handbooks and orientation materials.

Customize reward & recognition strategy

Customize reward strategy based on individual volunteer motivation. Plan recognition and appreciation events.


Make sure the strategies work



We help translate your unique vision into clear implementation responsibilities for specific outcomes in agreed timeframes with measurable results.


Change happens when it is rigorously monitored and measured. We help define clear responsibilities and timing for actions, with defined outcomes, cost, and milestones.



We help achieve plans by dynamically evaluating them using metrics such as SMART Goals and Key Performance Indicators.