Meeting the challenges of the unknown

Crisis Management


COVID-19 is the latest in a series of disruptive challenges to nonprofit leaders. Smart executives develop disaster response and contingency plans to ensure organizational sustainability in the ‘new world’ of philanthropy.


Risk Planning & Readiness

We believe that facing risks, planning for crisis readiness, and ensuring organizational sustainability is an increasingly critical component of strategic management in an era of disruptive environmental, competitive, and regulatory forces. Ensuring that an organization has the financial and human capital resources to meet exceptional challenges and unforeseen events is a critical component of management in the ‘new normal’ of uncertainty. Actual crisis events may be unpredictable, but methods to address them can be scoped and designed and a flexibility mindset developed. We have experience in the four stages of sustainability management:

Risk management audit

We assess the current capability of the organization to identify, quantify, prepare for, and monitor the specific operating risks it faces. We determine the preparedness of leadership to face crises calmly and systematically.

Scenario assessment

We evaluate a organization’s readiness to meet calibrated challenges, such as significant reductions in funding, dramatic changes in demand and supply, and disruptive competitor and regulator behaviors.

Crisis triage process design

We show how to assess the magnitude of any crisis in real time, and determine who should do what to meet it. During a crisis, it pays huge dividends to make informed decisions, communicate in a clear manner, and act first.

Recovery implementation facilitation

Once a crisis hits, we create a Crisis Steering Committee and implementation team to tackle the issue. Our structure combines resources and leadership from affected organizational functions.

We are always looking at the next approach to help create and grow sustainable organizations. At Almora, we do not fit you into a cookie-cutter approach. You will have strategies and solutions developed for you with best practices tailored to your needs. Our emphasis is on how to create resilience around fundraising during these extraordinary and challenging times, and sustain a nimble, dynamic approach to the environmental challenge we all face. We want our clients to thrive not just survive.