Conscience of the organization

Board training & governAnce


The board is the guiding force that supports the executive management team. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure a clear strategic vision and operational integrity for the organization.

Keep it Focused

Conscience of the Organization

Outstanding boards serve as the conscience of their organizations: they ensure professional and prudent management in the achievement of the organizational mission. The board does not run the company, which is the responsibility of executive leadership, but they oversee the strategic direction. We bring years of experience serving on multiple boards, advising board members on their governance responsibilities, and coaching CEOs and Board Chairs on relationships and engagement. We work as a catalyst to superior performance by advising on  each component of:

  • Board design, purpose, and strategy
  • Board recruitment and composition
  • Board leadership
  • Board effectiveness
  • Board development
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Don’t Settle For Less

Optimize Board Goals and Objectives

Almora Advisors uses best practices to help boards be exceptional through a comprehensive process of conversations, evaluations, and assessments.

We bring clarity on the power of a well-designed, well-recruited, well-trained, and mindful board. We address the risks of organizational failure from a dysfunctional board. We believe the key in optimizing board performance is through a collaborative and professional CEO and Board Chair relationship. Ensuring that the board has taken an extensive look at their roles and responsibilities begins the process for effective board governance. 

Through our approach, we will work to create vibrate culture at your organization. 


What We Can Do For You

We start by reviewing board roles and responsibilities, the Bylaws, and the board structure and operations. We help instill high ethical standards and fiduciary duty.

We then review board policies and practices, board leadership & engagement, and partnership between the board and executive leadership. We partner with your organization to develop a strategy to improve board recruitment, retention, and diversity.

We focus on strengthening the fundraising culture by developing a collaborative strategy for fundraising, instilling board’s leadership role in fundraising and stewardship, formalizing the giving policies, and helping organizations obtain 100% board participation. We assist the CEO/CDO in developing board members’ fundraising contributions through collaborate solicitations and network sharing.

Evaluate Best Practices

Define board roles & responsibilities, review board structure, and instill ethical standards & fiduciary duties.

Review Board Policies

Assess board leadership & engagement and evaluate the relationship between the board & CEO.


Partner to develop a strategy to improve board development, recruitment, retention, and diversity.


Develop unique and customized onboarding toolkits for new board members.

Board Satisfaction

Conduct board assessments through unique competency based approach.


Lead board rethinking strategies and enable creative contribution & innovation.


Make sure the strategies work



We help translate your unique vision into elaborate implementable responsibilities with defined outcomes in agreed timeframes with measurable results.


Change happens when it is rigorously monitored and measured. We help define clear responsibilities and timing for actions, with defined outcomes, cost, and milestones.



We supplement the plans by evaluating them using metrics like SMART Goals and Key Performance Indicators. Evaluating the results are key to a successful strategy.