Who are we?


We collaborate with clients to develop tailored, creative solutions for their strategic challenges.

Our Mission

To create a distinctive and sustainable social sector by helping clients excel with design thinking, innovation, and impact.

Our Vision

A world where organizations generate lasting societal change.

01. Strategize

Situation Analysis of current programs, outcomes, and capabilities

Gap Analysis by comparing current situation with future objectives

Prioritization to set targets and priorities for each parameter

Recommendations to develop strategic directions and actionable programs

02. Design

Empathize by conducting research to understand our client’s needs and perspective

Define by creating strategies based on client’s insights & understanding

Ideate by brainstorming and generating ideas together

Scenario Build and Prototype by iterating the design and identifying emerging cost/benefit outcomes

03. Act

Implement by developing a comprehensive implementation structure

Communicate by establishing a multi-stage communication plan

Monitor by developing a robust feedback process

Evaluate by continuous assessment of success parameters & dynamically adjusting program goals

A Team Of Professionals

Sandra Allen

Sandra Cespedes Allen

Founder and CEO

Hannah Wiliiams, Director of Strategy & Evaluation at Almora Advisors

Hannah Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew George, Ph.D.

Andrew George, Ph.D.

Grant Procurement Consultant

Leah McDonald

Leah McDonald

Manager, Business Development

Rachél Oatis, Consultant

Rachél Oatis

DEI Specialist & Consultant

Kara Shapiro, Website Designer and Developer

Kara Shapiro

Website Designer & Developer

Christa Stephens

Christa Stephens


Caroline Wiser

Caroline Wiser

Engagement Manager

Fidelma Woodley, Manager, Business Development at Almora Advisors

Fidelma Woodley

Manager, Business Development


Our Core Values



We ensure that every decision we make is based on ethical and moral principles.


We ensure that all team members are treated fairly in all employment decisions. We strive to build a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. 


We believe in cultivating a sense of compassion to understand and empathize with our clients and their problems. 


We believe in strong relationships based in mutual trust and respect.


We recognize the importance of making innovation an integral  part of our work culture. At Almora, ideas are heard and creativity is encouraged.  


We ensure efficiency through competency based workforce planning and effective time management.