Who are we?

Almora Advisors consists of a select group of consultants with more than thirty years of combined experience in leadership roles at nonprofit and for-profit organizations. We collaborate with clients to develop tailored, creative solutions for their strategic challenges. From assessment to implementation and evaluation, we do it together. Our process results in a stronger social sector, where organizations make lasting societal change.

01. Strategize

Situation Analysis of current programs, outcomes and capabilities

Gap Analysis by comparing current situation with future objectives

Prioritization to set targets and priorities for each parameter

Recommendation to develop strategic directions and actionable programs

02. Design

Empathize by conducting research to understand our client’s needs and perspective

Define by creating strategies based on client’s insights & understanding

Ideate by brainstorming and generating ideas together

Scenario build and Prototype by iterating the design and identifing emerging cost/benefit outcomes

03. Act

Implement by developing a comprehensive implementation structure

Communicate by establishing a multi-stage communication plan

Monitor by developing a robust feedback process

Evaluate by continuos assessment of success parameters & dynamically adjust program goals

Our Mission

To create a distinctive and sustainable social sector by helping clients excel with design thinking, innovation, and impact.

Our Vision

A world where organizations generate lasting societal change.

A Team Of Professionals

Sandra Allen

Founder and CEO

Sandra became intrigued by the nonprofit sector when she volunteered for “Kids in Crisis” in Connecticut, an organization that supports at risk children. Since then, Sandra has spent 25 years serving on various boards. She has served on the boards of the National Domestic Violence Hotline in Texas, the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey, and the Watershed Institute in New Jersey. As the Board Chair of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, Sandra has brought best practices to the boardroom. She has also led fundraising initiatives at Dartmouth College, The Lawrenceville School, and the Community School of Naples, Florida. Throughout her career, Sandra has had the privilege to coach board chairs and executive directors.

Sandra received her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Spanish and a master’s in Counseling Psychology from Kean University, New Jersey. She earned  a master’s in Nonprofit Management from Columbia University. Her interests include biking, walking on the beach, and making flower arrangements.

Mamali Mohapatra


Mamali has more than a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector in South Asia, Africa, and the US. She has worked as a social researcher and ethnographer in interior districts of developing countries. While working as an advocate in several areas, including education, financial inclusion, women workforce development and medical rights, she developed a strong passion for the social impact sector. Her experience in running projects at various grass root level organizations, public and private organizations, and the United Nations has bestowed her with a greater understanding of individuals and societies—and how to help them make better choices. Mamali is dedicated to making sustainable investing more diverse and inclusive.

Mamali has an MA in Sociology and Welfare Economics from Delhi University, India and a Masters in Nonprofit Management from Columbia University, New York. Mamali loves exploring food from different cultures. She is an ardent dog lover.

Hannah Williams

Director of Strategy and Evaluation

Hannah combines her finance and nonprofit background to create data-driven strategies for Almora Advisors and its clients. Her work experience at Goldman Sachs, The New York Community Trust, and the David Rockefeller Fund have provided her with a unique outlook on wealth accumulation and distribution. Hannah believes nonprofits are central to civil society. She believes fundraising is an art and science, and has successfully implemented fundraising campaigns for corporations and nonprofits. She is passionate about making grantmaking more equitable and increasing the capacity of nonprofit service organizations. 

Hannah received her undergraduate degree in economics and finance from Westminster College in Salt Lake City and her masters in nonprofit management from Columbia University in New York. In her free time, Hannah enjoys running and camping. 


Michelle Carney

Sr. Manager of Strategy

Michelle became interested in the nonprofit sector while teaching in low-income schools as part of Teach for America and World Teach. As a self-starter with a passion for development, Michelle has since gained a range of experiences that promote nonprofit organizations’ growth. This includes developing successful fundraising campaigns, implementing comprehensive marketing and communications strategies, procuring grants, conducting board evaluations, and supporting capacity building. Michelle’s work is an expression of her dedication to creating a more equitable world.

Michelle completed her B.A. in Psychology with minors in Business Economics and Poverty Studies at the University of Notre Dame. She has also earned a M.S. in Nonprofit Management at Columbia University.

Olivia Goldsworthy


Olivia’s interest in working alongside non-profits is a cause of her concurrent passions for social equity, community development, and environmental justice. Knowing that all good causes need financial support has led her to shift from her background in small-scale Event Planning, towards fundraising/development and grant procurement. Olivia received her BA in Sustainability Studies and was the valedictorian speaker for her class. She has worked with nationally recognized sustainability consultant Natural Capitalism Solutions, and has held successful fundraising and action campaigns for Amnesty International, Real Food Generation, and the Food Recovery Network. Whether it be research and data collection, policy drafting, or brainstorming creative solutions, she is pleased to be a supporting role at Almora Advisors. When away from her computer, she loves playing in the great outdoors and cooking healthy meals with her partner Sam.  


Our Core Values



We ensure that every decision we make is based on ethical and moral principles.


We ensure that all team members are treated fairly in all employment decisions. We strive to build a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. 


We believe in cultivating a sense of compassion to understand and empathize with our clients and their problems. 


We believe in strong relationships based in mutual trust and respect.


We recognize the importance of making innovation an integral  part of our work culture. At Almora, ideas are heard and creativity is encouraged.  


We ensure efficiency through competency based workforce planning and effective time management.

Valued Clients

We thank you for partnering with us

From Our Founders

Why trust Almora? 

The core of our work is to help leaders and all stakeholders translate their unique vision into tailored & actionable strategic directions for mission programs, fundraising, communications and constituency relations. It is then translated into detailed implementation responsibilities with defined outcomes with measurable results.