Founder’s Blog

by Aug 28, 2020

The events of 2020 have shown that dynamic and informed organizational management is crucial. However, when faced with these challenges, nonprofits often lack effective professional advisory support. Similarly, at many for-profit corporations, achieving meaningful philanthropic impact represents uncharted territory.

At Almora Advisors, we aim to help all institutions capitalize on best practices for their strategic planning, fundraising, governance, grantmaking, and diversity efforts. We collaborate with clients on roadmap implementation, monitoring, and evaluation to ensure change actually happens. We check in on goals throughout the execution phase, enabling our clients to outperform. Leading in a dynamic arena of often confusing, exasperating, and conflicting demands is hard. COVID-19 is just the latest challenge to managing for long term growth in a constantly changing environment. 

At the same time, millennials and investors—many of whom are the recipients of intergenerational wealth and have a history of family giving—are all raising the bar on expectations for impact. As a result, organizational leadership must think short- and long-term to maintain the commitment, support, and loyalty of all constituencies. They must proactively design company capabilities and resources to meet an array of future scenarios. Navigating this demanding world calls for exceptional clarity, flexibility, and collaboration.

Almora Advisors is uniquely qualified to help. We bring decades of experience participating in board governance as chairs and trustees. We have collaborated with CEOs and their leadership teams on real world issues and crises. Moreover, we combine our experience with sophisticated, academic frameworks across fields, including strategic design, impact investment, scenario evaluation, fundraising, and change management. We work collaboratively with our clients to tailor specific programs to their particular positioning advantages, brand strengths, and human capital. Then we work together to execute implementation. 

In a world of uncertainty and opportunity, Almora Advisors ensures clients excel with a “full circle” approach. We help clients identify the right direction for their organization, the way to get there, and that they complete the journey. The result is a measurable and meaningful impact on society and on each of our clients. Together, we Strategize, Design, and Act.